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Adultery / Cheating Partners / Custody Surveillance

There is nothing more painful than being involved in a relationship that goes awry and the offending partner refuses to admit what they are doing. The two main reasons that people hire private detectives in these instances is for "peace of mind" and "closure", unless you are married. In those instances, the results of an investigation can affect a variety of things and that is determined in a court of law.

We have a strong background in Adultery / Custody Cases / Cheating Partners. We've spent the better part of 25 years specializing in such cases, making sure that all elements of the law have been met in order to gain a divorce on the grounds of adultery. We have also, upon request, placed clients with teams of aggressive local attorneys who have an exemplary reputation and specialize in family law matters.

Counter Intelligence / Surveillance

In the tech savvy world we are living in, it seems everyone can go online and purchase hidden cameras, recording devices and even GPS trackers. In utilizing our state of the art equipment, we can go into a home, business, or even a vehicle and conduct a "sweep" to locate any of those devices that are putting your privacy, security or trade secrets at risk.

Background Investigations

Criminal / Civil background investigations are requested for various reasons. They are usually requested for pre-employment purposes. pre-marital purposes, or in some cases by a concerned relative or friend.

Missing Persons / Locates

Clients contact us all the time to find friends or relatives that they've lost touch with over the years. Sadly, there are other missing persons cases that we undertake when Law Enforcement Agencies have exhausted their efforts and resources. Please keep in mind; depending on the sensitivity of the circumstances in which the person became a missing person or may choose not to be found; these cases can be very time consuming and at times, unsuccessful. We will be completely forthcoming if we believe that taking on such an investigation is something that would be too costly for the client.

Process Service

We provide the service of delivering Civil Court Documents filed in both the Circuit and District Courts of Maryland. We realize that these documents are time sensitive; therefore making them a priority when needed.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

The Insurance Industry has found that there is a much higher demand for insurance fraud investigations. We work for large and small insurance companies conducting surveillance on those claiming injuries or full disabilities. The outcome of the investigation always dictates if such claims are paid; or if criminal charges should be filed for those committing perjury in filing fraudulent claims. We have worked for numerous employers who see the value of such information to avoid paying such expensive claims and having their insurance rates climb as a result of an employee claiming to be disabled, and working other jobs where the wages are not being reported.

Witness Interviews

Often times we have been hired to conduct witness interviews. These interviews often pertain to traffic accidents, however, can be related to any and all legal matters which may ultimately be heard in a court of law.


We WILL NOT obtain information illegally; NO MATTER WHAT. Our ultimate goal is to protect the integrity of an investigation, and in doing so, our reputation. As stated previously, we are prepared to testify in a court of law as to the merits of a case. If evidence is tainted in any way, it cannot be utilized. If there is a conflict of interest in a case; we will not accept the case. Please be realistic with your request; people are often misled by what they read, see on television or in the movies. Please understand that cases are rarely ever solved in an hour; and the methods used for television or in the movies are usually unrealistic and often illegal.